Free DACA Clinics!


While IBLF is providing reduced rate DACA renewals for all, not just prior IBLF clients, there are some mass production clinics organized to file renewal applications for those who do NOT have the funds to do so otherwise. IBLF will be trying to participate in one or more of these events which will be held at various locations in Virginia, and also around the region. This is a link to the Free DACA Clinic page setup by one of our better local politicians, Alfonzo Lopez ---> Click Here.

The deadline for renewal applications is OCTOBER 5, 2017 and all applications MUST BE RECEIVED by that date, so they must be sent one or two days earlier at least to be sure of being considered. While the process is subject to the "discretion" of the USCIS, the expectation is that most qualified applications will be approved as they have in the past. Anyone with questions about disqualifying criminal convictions or other potential problems should seek out legal counsel immediately so that a reasoned decision can be made in this small timeframe.