Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Attn: Nepal

             During the last few months, several countries around the world have faced difficult times. As a result, and thanks to the advocacy of many people, nationals from countries such as Liberia, Syria, Guinea, Sierra Leon, and most recently, Nepal, have been issued TPS.

                Temporary Protected Status allows nationals of certain countries, who meet certain criteria, to register with USCIS to be eligible for work authorization, suspension of deportation, and potential ability to travel internationally.

                Registration for Nepal became available on June 24, 2015 and will remain open until December 21, 215. Registration periods are open for 180 days, upon the announcement of each TPS. Renewal periods, if available, are announced shortly before each designated TPS expires. It is important to re-register timely, otherwise, it may not be possible to re-register at all. However, there are a few exceptions that should be looked into, just in case this issue arises.

                Temporary Protected Status has been around for several years. Be sure to find out if you are currently eligible to register.