"I Do!" . . . via the Web

The Convenience and Heavy Risks of Web-Based Marriage:

On March 6th, the Daily Mail (UK) published a revealing report on immigrants utilizing webchat marriages to circumvent US naturalization policy. According to the report, increasing numbers of immigrants seeking US citizenship are conducting “proxy marriages” via Skype

March Important for Business!

Sure, it's important for basketball, too. But before you get too wrapped up in March Madness, realize that March 15 is when your business taxes (or an extension) are due, for corporations both S and other, and you must provide your K's to partners, shareholders etc. so that they can prepare their own tax returns. The main IRS website is , but business owners and non-tax-professionals are well to use which provides easy access to useful information that you need.

Pointer - Persons in TPS Status

Possible Change In Law – TPS Right To Apply For Permanent Residency – Stay Tuned

TPS registrants may have an opportunity to become legal permanent residents even if the entered without inspection. The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a temporary safe haven in the U.S. for nationals of a foreign state (Currently, the designated countries with TPS are: Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan) , that given certain safety circumstances in their countries, are allowed by the Attorney General to temporarily stay in the U.S.