EB-5 Q&A: How can I invest in two businesses with a $500,000 investment in each

Question:How can I invest in two businesses, with a $500,000 investment in each business?

Answer: According to USCIS Policy Memorandum regarding EB-5 Adjudication Policy, dated on May 30, 2013, an immigrant investor may diversify his or her total EB-5 investment across a portfolio of businesses or projects, so long as the minimum investment amount is placed in a single commercial enterprise. For immigrant investors who are not associated with a regional center, the capital may be deployed into a portfolio of wholly-owned businesses, so long as all capital is deployed through a single commercial enterprise and all jobs are created directly within that commercial enterprise or through the portfolio of businesses that received the EB-5 capital through that commercial enterprise.


You can invest $1million in two businesses so long as the two businesses are wholly owned by a commercial enterprise and the two wholly-owned businesses would have to create at least 10 jobs between them.