EB-5 Q&A: Whether two regional centers can share the same geography

Question: How can two regional centers share the same geography?
Question Detail: Can two regional centers share the same geography? If so, how does this impact indirect job creation claims?

Answer: Each regional center has its own investment entities and the regional center may include multiple states with several investment entities. The investment entity, must provide 10 full-time jobs for each investment of $1,000 or, in a targeted employment area (TEA), an investment of $500,000 which may use indirect jobs created by the investment to fulfill the 10- job requirement. Jobs are forecast by the economic analysis of the business plan using standard measures. Therefore the investment entity is forecast to create the jobs irrespective of the geographic area in which the investment is made. The geographic area is relevant to unemployment in determining if the area is targeted for needing employment, a TEA. If you have a specific geographic area or regional center in mind, I would be pleased to assist you in answering any further questions.