IBLF forms Relationship with Renhe Rongzhi

On October 5, 2014, the International Business Law Firm PC entered into an agreement with the company RENHE RONGZHI of Shantou, China that they will act as a Correspondent Representative for the law firm, providing information and services to support IBLF's clients, with the aim of increasing the efficiency and confidence that clients based in China will be able to pursue business relationships in the United States and elsewhere.

This agreement was memorialized at the Annual Meeting of the Overseas BusinessWomen's Association of Shantou, attended by Steffanie Lewis, Feifei Zhang, and Albert Lewis of IBLF and Yang Minru of RENHE RONGZHI, wherein a certificate was signed and some speeches made attesting to the value of better relations and improved business opportunities for China and the United States of America. (More Pictures)

Both Chinese and American business intestors will be able to benefit from this relationship by obtaining quick service and answers with respect to business opportunities and the legal requirements to will enable projects to proceed.

Shantou is a major regional center in China, featuring a significant history and population, known as one of the premier producers of women's clothing and design, and toymaking for the international market, with an active seaport and ready access to the Chinese air traffic system.

For further information, please contact Feifei ZHANG (fzhang@iblf.com) or our main office.