Processing Times - EB5

Posted Oct 7, the USCIS released a list of the processing times for EB-5 program applications --- 13.8 months for the I-526 (Investor Petition), 15.1 months for the I-829 (Remove Conditions) and 8.1 months for the I-929 (Regional Center Application).   While such times cannot be relied up on for the actual processing of any individual application, they represent the average for applications as of August 30, 2014, and can help determine the choices that are realistic for any particular individual wishing to participate.

Often individuals have unrealistic expectations as to the time that it takes to process particular applications, and need to decide on parallel stategies or how to sequence events to obtain a result that best meets their needs.  Be sure to discuss any particular limitations or time constraints with your attorney before proceeding on a particular application, as in some cases, delays can be extreme and cripple the value of the initial application.