Remember the Dates: Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Extension and Redesignation of Sudan and South Sudan

On September 2, 2014, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced an 18 – month extension of the designation and redesignation of certain nationals of Sudan and South Sudan (or aliens having no nationality who last habitually resided in Sudan) for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). (Federal Register Notice) This extension allows currently eligible beneficiaries from the two countries to retain their TPS status effective from November 3, 2014 through May 2, 2016, so long as they otherwise continue to meet the eligibility requirements for TPS.

Although individuals have a 60 – day period from Sept. 2, 2014, through Nov. 3, 2014 to register or re-register for TPS, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) encourages individuals to begin the process as soon as possible.  TPS beneficiaries responding in a timely manner can also apply to receive a new Employment Authorization Document’s (EAD’s) with a May 2, 2016 expiration date from USCIS.  In response to the timeframe involved, DHS has chosen to automatically extend the validity of EAD’s issued under the TPS designation for 6 months through May 2, 2015.

The initial Sudan and South Sudan TPS designation was made on November 3, 2011 due to ongoing armed conflict and extraordinary and temporary conditions.  Secretary, Jeh Charles Johnson made his decision based on a myriad of factors.  Further, in the recent DHS announcement it was noted “violence and ensuing population displacement, along with environmental and economic factors, have created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.”

For further information on TPS, including guidance on the application process and additional information on eligibility, please visit the USCIS TPS Web page at

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