WHAT New Immigration Law?

Originally posted over a year ago, the stalemate in Congress keeps this note relevant!

So many people are eager for news about the "new immigration law" that the President has proclaimed. Of course, there's one small detail --- there is no new law. And the President never proclaimed it, he simply is arguing strenuously that Congress move on proposals that have been widely supported and are rational. And this is not certain to happen. Even the proposed language which was leaked and vociferously attacked by all good conservatives is not the law that will probably make its way through the tortured halls of Congress. (Some would like to see "waterboarding" of certain members of Congress).

So, in fact, it is not time to examine the law, but rather to keep the pressure up on Congress to work and actually do that they have promised to do, on both sides of the aisle. As with any law, it is the result of pressure to act which comes from interested parties, pressing against the natural tendencies of politicians not to act in any way that might damage their stature. Where there is so much anger and finger-pointing, this means that no action is often the result, on the theory that nothing is better than what is causes a reaction. But NO ACTION should be just as bad, and provoke continued reaction from the populace. But that's often not the case. So . . .

Write and telephone to your Congressman and demand action right now, not in 3 months or a year, but immediately because the country needs resolution of these issues, and only with pressure is there any likelihood that any legislation will get passed.

Write to your local paper and express your anger that legislation is NOT being worked on and proposed and hammered out across the parties, and complain about the horrible impact on the economy when uncertainty diminishes every impulse to expand business operations.

Use Social Media to complain about those who are holding up legislation.

A Democracy only works when the people expect and demand action!