The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Reaches Cap for the First Time for Chinese FY -2014 Applications

As of August 23, 2014, the EB – 5 preference quota is “unavailable” to cases from China for the remainder of FY – 2014, which ends September 30th.  However, it would be wise for Chinese applicants to continue to apply.  Cases accepted by the USCIS will be placed in “pending status” until the new FY – 2015 allocation begins in October.

Failing to Hire U.S. Workers? Underpaying Temporary Workers? Violating theH-2B Temporary Visa Program Will Cost You More than Your Reputation!

A Connecticut based landscaping firm was recently fined by the US Department of Labor (DOL) (Press Release ).  The company will pay $280,000 in back wages to 80 workers and nine job applicants and $20,000 in civil money penalties.

136 Immigration Law Teachers and Scholars Make a Consorted Effort to Encourage the White House: Take More Action on Immigration Laws!

The American Immigration Council and the National Immigration Law Center recently delivered a unified message urging the executive branch to use an immigration directive known as “prosecutorial discretion”.  The 12 page letter (copy), signed by over 130 immigration law teachers and scholars, painstakingly lists a number of long standing legal foundations, historical perspectives, and precedents.