DACA Cancellation - What to Do?

Attorney General Sessions has cancelled the DACA program as of September 5, 2017, while providing a period for current DACA beneficiaries whose status will expire prior to March 5, 2018, to renew their applications for an additional 2 year period.  

Accordingly, all current DACA beneficiaries should check the expiration date of their grant, and file for renewal if expiring before March 5, 2017. Those with status expiring AFTER March 5, 2018 should also check with your attorney and keep informed as it MAY be possible to file an application for renewal to test the discrimination that the process is creating between two classes of DACA recipients.

The DHS memorandum executing this decision can be read at Sept 5 Memorandum - DACA Rescission An excellent discussion of the DHS action and detailed resource prepared by the National Immigration Law Center can be found at NILC DACA Employment Memo.

IBLF will assist DACA renewal applicants, not previously working with IBLF, at the reduced renewal legal fee established for IBLF-filed DACA beneficiaries.

In so far as a majority of Americans find DACA recipients and similarly situated immigrants vastly more popular than the President, it is hoped that Congress will finally act before March 5, 2018 on the long-delayed Dream Act and restore the benefits being terminated by General Sessions. This, however, depends on the governing party abandoning its fascination with magical thinking, self-centered politics, and fact-challenged economics, and acting responsibly. A tall order, but possible if pressure at all levels of society keeps reminding Congressmen to respect all their fellow citizens, and not just the minority that elected them.