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EB-5 Q&A How to make my business eligible for a standard EB-5 investment

Question: How can I make my EB-5 investment work?
Question Detail: For my EB-5 project, I am planning to buy a company for about $600,000. It it in a targeted employment area and has a dual portfolio: the company develops software and does medical billing, as well as invests in properties. How would it be possible for me to buy that company and through that corporation invest my money in real estate and operations/growth of the company? Most of the jobs will be made in software development, but most of the investment will be in real estate. How can I make this eligible for EB5?

EB-5 Q&A 移民问答帖:如何使自己的企业成为标准EB-5企业

问:我如何运作我的EB-5投资? 我打算用600万美金买一个公司,它位于目标就业区,并且有着两个运营组合:公司开发软件和医疗账单,也投资房产。我如何买下这个公司并通过公司投资到房地产并使公司发展?大多数的工作岗位会在软件开发中产生,但是大部分的投资会在房地产上。我怎样使这个公司符合EB-5?

EB-5 Q&A Things you need to prove at the I-829 stage

Question: What do I need to prove at the I-829 stage?

Question Detail: I understand that I need to prove I have created at least 10 direct or indirect jobs. What else do I need to prove besides the job creation requirement? I hear that I need to prove that the economic report went the same way as was stated at the I-526 stage, and that financial goals and milestones have been met too. Is that true? What will satisfy this requirement? What if the jobs are created, but the financial goals and milestones are not met?



EB-5 Q &A 投资移民问答帖:临时绿卡条件移除时需要注意的事项



136 Immigration Law Teachers and Scholars Make a Consorted Effort to Encourage the White House: Take More Action on Immigration Laws!

The American Immigration Council and the National Immigration Law Center recently delivered a unified message urging the executive branch to use an immigration directive known as “prosecutorial discretion”.  The 12 page letter (copy), signed by over 130 immigration law teachers and scholars, painstakingly lists a number of long standing legal foundations, historical perspectives, and precedents. 

Labor Day 2014: A Day of Observation and Celebration

On September 1st, America will once again pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to the well-being of this country.  Numerous celebrations and observations will take place across the country.  This tradition began in 1882 as recognition of the social and economic achievements of U.S.-born workers.  Twelve years later on June 28, 1892, Congress passed an act officially recognizing every first Monday in September as a legal holiday. 

Groups Sue Federal Government over Failure to Provide Legal Representation for Children Placed into Deportation Proceedings

IBLF supports the nationwide class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of thousands of children who are appearing before the Immigration Judge and government paid trained attorneys who advocate for deportation without the assistance of an attorney.