CNN Airs DOCUMENTED, Moving Documentary about an "Undocumented American"

On Sunday June 29, 2014, at 9PM EST, CNN will broadcast a very special documentary which explains in excruciating personal detail, what it means to be raised in the United States without legal papers. It is the story of Jose Vargas, a Pulitzer winning journalist, whose mother sent him away as a small child to have a better life in America, who subsequently found out that he had no legal status in the United States, who endeavored none-the-less to be the Best he could be, who finally decided to offer himself as a public offering to public opinion and all governmental authorities, in hopes that something might done in some way, at some level, and that by his bearing his life to the world, there might be some beneficial impact on the laws of this country, or at least on the views and perceptions of those who make or support policy in the United States, and that somehow, some way, compassion, reason, reality, fairness, justice, and humanity might be served. Please watch. Details available at

Recently, Mr. Vargas has been detained by the TSA in Texas. His further story is sure to be as interesting as his story told in "DOCUMENTED". Stay tuned.