EB-5 Q&A: How can an EB-5 investor determine regional center quality?



There is no single standard to use to determine the quality of a regional center.   Do you want the 10 regional centers with the largest projected return on investment?  - - -  the 10 with the most conservative estimate of jobs to be recreated for the most security on having the condition removed 2 years after you enter the U.S. as a conditional lawful permanent resident?  - -  the 10 with the most on-going projects?  - -  the 10 with projects currently accepting investors? - -- the 10 with the most socially beneficial?- -  the 10 most likely to complete the proposed business plan? - - - the 10 who have successfully completed the most projects?   There are always a certain number of investor for each project.  If one project is closed, check out another.  I know of no regional center project that allow an unlimited number of EB-5 investors.