EB-5 Q&A: How can my children finish school after applying for EB-5?



Currently, it may take 1.5 to 2 years for an EB-5 investor to be able to physically enter the US as a conditional permanent resident. As a lawful permanent resident, you are required to continuously reside in the United States. You may travel abroad temporarily. Your intent, however, is to maintain your lawful permanent resident status and reside in the US permanently. If you or your children expect to be outside the US for 6 months or more, you should file Form I-131 a re-entry permit, which enable re-admittance to the US upon return within 2 years.  If additional period of time exceeding 6 months is needed, the Form I-131 can be extended for another 2-year period.  However the person applying for an extension must be in the US to file the application and remain in the US until his or her fingers are printed. 


Your children should have no problem finishing school abroad.