EB-5 Q&A: How to find regional center investment projects

Question: How can I find regional center investment projects?
Question Detail: I want to invest in a regional center. What are the steps to finding feasible regional center investment projects that are open now? What are some good sources for finding projects? What else should I know?

ANSWER: As of February 1, 2014, USCIS had approved approximately 440 regional centers. In order to get approved by USCIS, a regional center must focus on a contiguous geographical area, promote economic growth through increased export sales, improved regional productivity, job creation or increased domestic capital investment. Also, a regional center must demonstrate in details how jobs will be created, either in directly or indirectly. An investor invested in regional center is permitted to show that the investment will create at least 10 jobs indirectly. The number of indirect jobs are created through a investor’s capital investment is based on regional center’s business plan and detailed analysis, which is evaluated and approved by USCIS during the approval and designation of a regional center for participation the Immigrant Investor Program (Pilot Program).

USCIS published a list of approved regional centers, but no detailed information about center’s project. A regional center can contain one or more new commercial enterprises. You may contact regional centers to obtain details of projects. Remember, you have to do deepest due diligence to find a right regional center project that will create jobs that meet USCIS’s requirement in order to qualify your green card.

When you select an investment project, keep in mind that looking for regional centers that have a long standing operational history. Also, hire an experienced immigration attorney to assist and guide you through EB-5 process.