EB-5 Q&A:How is a personal business selected for EB-5 investment?


     Yes, you can invest in your own business.  That would be a standard EB5 investment.  To qualify (be selected), a business must be a commercial, “new enterprise” that will generate 10 full time positions, excluding you and immediate family as employees, within two years. There are several definitions of what constitutes a “new enterprise.”  You should probably contact an EB5 attorney if you are investing in a business that has existed for a number of years to confirm that the business can qualify as a “new enterprise”.   To qualify with an investment of $500,000 your business must be located in a designated targeted employment area (TEA) or a rural area.  Both areas have specific requirements and you will need to research them or seek guidance from a knowledgeable person.    Online there are many business consultants who might help you choose a business.