The Executive Order of Nov 20

Join our Information Sessions - If you miss the informational sessions, you can still get information by calling us at our main number, email us with your interest, or attend a future session which we will schedule at a convenient time.

The sessions which we have conducted include discussion of some feedback from persons as to the limits of the order, and we hope to post a few short videos going over the main topics we covered in the sessions:

1)  Constitutionality / Legality of President Obama's Executive Order

2)  The two main programs -  DACA (Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Parents of USC and LPR children)

3)  The expected benefits and timing of the programs

4)  Other benefits of the Executive Orders(s) - business visas, opt, removal proceedings, etc.

5)  Evidence that will be required to submit an approvable application

If you want to attend, please call us at 202-296-1111 and try to arrive earlier than our start time at 4:00pm.

Previous discussion of this Order is at