Fear of Violence in Central America

With the recent news about the increase in the number of child immigrants from Central America reaching our borders, we're seeing more attention to the problems of violence and poverty in that region. The Immigration Policy Center published a report written by a Fulbright Scholar that delves into the problems plaguing one of the Central American countries, El Salvador. The student cites organized crimes, gangs and violence as one of the main factors driving people from their homes. She notes that such problems produce great amounts of internal displacement within El Salvador itself. The government offers little assistance. The two agencies which are supposed to protect children rarely respond to complaints and, in some cases, the reporting of an issue led to an increase in threats. Some who return from the US to El Salvador immediately face extortion and violence, making it unsafe even for those who made good in America and want to start a business in their country of origin. This leads us to reflect on some of the other cases we are currently working on. We're coming up on a deadline for a gentleman from India who was arrested and tortured twice for his political beliefs. He fled the country and arrived in the United States via the southern border. He fears he will be persecuted again if he returns to India. We are attempting to secure asylum for this individual. We stand ready to aid others who have a credible fear of returning to their home country as well.

**Note**The International Business Law Firm (IBLF) is not a disinterested party. IBLF clients have obtained DACA classification and some have undocumented parents.