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Travel Security – Frequent Travelers

TSA's Pre-Check program to be extended around the country.

Less hassle in airport's checkpoints for selected travelers. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced the expansion of the TSA's Pre-Check Program. This program was created to save time to frequent flyers that voluntarily have registered their information to the program and have been approved by the TSA. Once you are a member of the program you are allowed to get into separate, less invasive lines when traveling in the U.S. airports.

The program currently operates in 7 airports and throughout 2012 it is going to be implemented in more than 25 airports of the country. The program is available for U.S. citizens, Legal permanent residents and citizens of Mexico, Canada and the Netherlands. DHS and TSA are working to add more countries soon. To register and more information go to http://www.globalentry.gov.