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EB-5 Q&A:How can a current B1/B2 visa holder travel to the United States after applying for the EB-5 visa

I have a B1/B2 visa and have invested approximately $2 million in a U.S. business since 2011. In so doing, eight full time jobs at the peak production period have been created. However, as I cannot avail of any SBA facility with my present B1/B2 visa, I believe that I need to apply for an EB-5 visa. But upon submitting the EB-5 application, I would be barred from travelling to the United States. Can I retroactively apply my investment and job creation when applying for the EB-5 visa? How can a current B1/B2 visa holder travel to the United States after applying for the EB-5 visa?

EB-5 Q&A:Why does USCIS state that EB-5 “investment capital cannot be borrowed

The EB-5 Investment Capital Requirements section of the USCIS website states that “Note: Investment capital cannot be borrowed." I have read through the regulations governing the EB-5 visa and consulted with a regional center, and it seems that EB-5 funds CAN come from a loan and be borrowed. Why would the USCIS state that EB-5 “investment capital cannot be borrowed?”

EB-5 Q&A:How can an EB-5 investor invest in a non-profit project

I am from Colombia and I am interested in participating in the EB-5 program. Can I get an EB-5 visa if I invest $500,000 to $1 million in an existing private school in Texas (new-5 years old) that is a not-for-profit organization that is growing and creating jobs? What are the additional rules or regulations that pertain to investing in a not-for-profit project?

EB-5 Q&A: How can EB-5 funds be used to pay off a traditional lender

I have purchased an existing building with an SBA loan. The loan is currently not in default, but we have entered into an agreement to refinance the lender out of the deal. The total project will be $6.5 million of which we have $1.5 million already invested. We are planning to build an entertainment complex and would like to use EB-5 funds to take out the lender and complete the construction. Can we use EB-5 funds for this and if so how much?

EB-5 Q&A: How many days can I remain in the U.S. after filing an I-526 petition

I am from India and plan on filing an I-526 petition. I have learned that it will take nine months to approve. My plan is to apply I-526 by visiting the U.S. because my children are on F-1 visas and my wife is on a B-1 visa. I am a medical practitioner and need to be in home country as early as possible, so my question is how many days I have to stay in the U.S. after filing the I-526?

EB-5 Q&A: When does an EB-5 investor become a U.S. taxpayer

My I-526 has been approved, but I have not yet undergone consular processing, and thus still am not in the United States. When exactly will I be expected to pay U.S. taxes? For example, will it be as soon as I am interviewed by the consulate, or once I receive my immigration visa in my home country (but have not yet entered the United States), or after I enter the United States with my immigration visa?