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MARYLAND: 7- 16 day Delays in Driver's License Issuance & Renewal

Maryland has now implemented a Dept of Homeland security check for all drivers licenses, being issued or renewed, supposedly for all drivers, US and foreign nationals.  This causes a delay of about 7 to 16 days if their immediate security check doesn't return "positive" -- which apparently happens fairly frequently -- then it goes to a 2nd level verification which takes 5 to 10 business days, at which point the MVA is supposed to call the applicant and ask them to come back in.  They are supposed to distribute a document to those who fail the immediate DHS check, but apparently ma

The Executive Order of Nov 20

INFORMATIONAL SESSIONS -  Starting about Jan 9th, IBLF will recommence its meetings about the  process and the validity of the Nov 20 Executive Order.   If you miss the informational sessions, you can still get information by calling us at our main number, email us with your interest, or attend a future session which we are scheduling from time to time.